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Writer, editor, and communications specialist - helping schools, nonprofits, and small businesses develop clear, concise, and responsive messaging and effective communications practices.




"I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

~Alan Greenspan

Ummm ... what?

Clear communications and well-crafted messaging promotes better understanding. How clear is your message? How effective are your communications efforts, both internal and external? How responsive is your organization's communications practices?

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Imagine losing prospective readers, clients, or customers because your website content is unclear, or worse, fraught with grammatical and punctuation errors.

Or, imagine your embarrassment when you pass out your business card or brochure only to see an error missed during production.

Or, imagine half of your presentation audience frowning

at your wordy bullet points.

I can help avoid these messaging pitfalls and make your content succinct, interesting, and useful!

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Do you feel tongue-tied when put on the spot about your business?


Could you use a short, easy-to-remember speech that gets your message across in just a few seconds?


Are you frustrated at the lack of message continuity from person to person within your organization?


A customized, flexible "elevator speech" can help everyone in your organization stay on message!

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Mixed messages can be the kiss of death for an organization.

I can help you craft your message and ensure all stakeholders - both internal and external - know it, understand it, and can speak to it.

Beth Wagner
People are talking...

You want Beth to have a part in things that you do because you know that they will be done right, they will be done meticulously, they will be read, listened to, and implemented on. Beth has that effect on people. You want to follow her, you want to meet her, and you want to be her!


Brenda G.

School District Parent

Civic Club Officer

Beth has excellent communication skills - and more importantly, knows the right time to say something, and how to say it.  In addition, Beth is extremely organized, reliable and computer savvy ... Beth is flexible and willing to work on any project- and as a support brought an incredible wealth of experience from the public and private sectors.  If a project was assigned, I was always relieved to have Beth on my team.  I knew our project would be completed on time, and the product would be exemplary.


Michael B.

School District Superintendent

Beth is possessed of that rare blend of technology skills, writing ability, and a quick understanding of what is needed next in a successful organizational.  I recommend her to you with the highest regard and vouch for the fact that you will hire a self-starter, a person driven by challenge, and a mature individual who is not afraid to speak her mind for the good of an organization.


Maureen G.

School District Superintendent

Beth always brought a positive attitude to the Board meetings and was a team player, stepping in providing assistance to her fellow trustees without being asked. In particular, she was of great assistance in the development of the Trust's public image ... Beth is the consummate professional and a wonderful person!


Robert K.

Charitable Trust President

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