I can help you with:

Your message. Together, we can develop and fine-tune your message for clarity of purpose, ease of understanding, and consistency of delivery.

Website content. Clear, easy-to-use content with consistent messaging is key to an effective website. Don't make your visitors dig for information and wade through unnecessary verbiage to find the kernel of information they need.

Internal communications. One of my favorite communications tenets is "When the place is on fire, tell the people inside first." Let's hope you never have the fire. But your employees can be your best cheerleaders - or your worst naysayers. Help nurture the former through regular, clear, and responsive communications. 

Social media. This is where it's at, right? Clear messaging, a strategic calendar, and responsive interaction are key here. Plan, plan, plan.

Editing. Whether it be a newsletter, manuscript, report, memoir, correspondence, website, or other presentation of your message or story, I can help you make sure the grammar, punctuation, syntax, and flow are correct, consistent, and engaging. 

Style guide. Make sure all internal and external messaging and documents follow a professional, consistent, and user-friendly appearance and format.

Crisis communications/crisis management plan. Planning is paramount for communications success, especially during times of crisis. Don't be left unprepared. And, don't forget your internal audience!

Collateral material content. Ensure that the content of annual reports, newsletters, brochures, handouts, and fact sheets not only convey the desired information but also follow your overall message and style.

Presentation content/coaching. Death by PowerPoint is not inevitable. Make it engaging, interesting, and informative ... and short!

Basic photography and image editing. A picture may not be worth a thousand words, but it definitely will help you tell your story. Additionally, design experts need these basics to do their magic.

Communication calendar development. Successful communications is largely dependent on what to say, when to say it, and where to say it. Don't leave this to chance.

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