• Beth Wagner

What is YOUR word(s) for 2020?

I recently attended a networking meeting during which we were asked if we made new year’s resolutions, and if so, what ours were.

Not surprisingly, the group was split on whether or not the members made resolutions. Some standard personal resolutions were voiced: get more fit, lose weight, eat better. Other common business-related resolutions surfaced: achieve better work-life balance, get better organized.

But one member’s take on the resolution practice really provoked my thinking. She didn’t make resolutions, but each year she identified a word to focus on throughout the coming year … a word that represented a concept or practice that she believed would enrich her life and move her business forward.

My mind started to race! Yes, I’m aware that I should have been listening better and been more present in the moment and discussion. But it was as if she’d fired a starter’s pistol and my brain launched from the starting blocks.

A word! Challenge accepted – I’m a word person, right? This shouldn’t be too hard.

Oh, but it was. I have to admire my colleague for being able to identify a single word, a mantra that encapsulated a concept so dynamic that it is self-centering and progressive at the same time. She has her word, and it’s terrific. I’m not sharing it here because it’s her word, not mine to share.

My word eluded me for the rest of the meeting. And the rest of the day. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t come up with it. I write blog posts for clients that get posted sans edits. I help people with elevator speeches and presentations. I fill in the blank when someone’s looking for that perfect word to describe something. But I couldn’t find my own, single word for 2020.

So, I’ve settled on three. If you know me, you probably aren’t surprised. I’m a proponent of things in threes; they are better remembered, they flow better in narratives, and they lend themselves well to alliteration (another good memory device).

2019 was an “action-taking” year for me. I made some changes to make me more present in and better enjoy my life and to move my business forward in a somewhat different direction.

So, I’ve realized 2020 will be a year for me to “reflect, regroup, refresh” (alliteration!): Reflect on where 2019 led me, regroup as needed, and refresh my relationship with my time, my personal life, and my business.

What’s your word(s) for 2020?

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